Leadership & Management Business Suite

Leadership Principles and Application (LPA)

This 1-day training based on best of breed research in the fields of leadership, motivation and emotional intelligence delivers tools for inspiration leadership and management  transformation. Participants will be challenged with group break-outs and role plays to apply the tools taught into business relevant situations.

Duration: 1 Day
Level: Advanced

The Emotionally Intelligent Leader (EIL)

With the corporate environment undergoing the greatest labour transformation in a generation due to the twin forces of millennials and diversity initiatives, and with research suggesting that up to 90% of leadership effectiveness is derived from emotional intelligence, this training addresses a critical skill required to be a leader in today’s world. Using the Genos Emotional Intelligence Model, this advanced leadership training gives participants a detailed understanding of the six domains of emotional intelligence, their personal strengths and weaknesses in each, and a road map for becoming an inspiring and emotionally intelligent leader

Duration: 360 assessment, 1 Day + Coaching
Level: Expert

Building Collaborative Organisations (BCO)

Research shows that improved collaboration stemming from effective communication impacts organizations positively across all major business metrices from financial performance, responses to down turns, health and safety and employee engagement. This management level focused training introduces a communication structure that can be utilised by leaders to increase collaboration within their teams and across internal stakeholders. Defensiveness and conflict are common default responses to situations where one party feels threatened, disrespected, misunderstood or undervalued. In such situations where interpersonal dealings are challenging, collaborative communication techniques can be adopted to promote a ‘one-team’ mind set, reducing conflict and aligning interests. The techniques introduced in this training are based on leading research from top academics and practitioners in the fields of communication theory. The delivery is business focused and will challenge participants to reflect on their own management style and how they can promote collaboration within their teams and ultimately across the organisation.

Duration: Key, 1 Day, 2 Days
Level: Advanced

Attracting and Retaining Millennials (ARM)

By 2025, 75% of employees globally will be millennials. It is no overstatement to say that one of the major challenges facing the corporate world today is how to engage the new generation of millennials and to stay relevant to this increasingly important consumer and employee segment. Any failure to do so will result in the best and brightest talent going elsewhere and an inability to develop the future management of the organisation. Many of the existing preconceptions of what millennials are (and are not) focus on the challenges of dealing with this often-misunderstood group, while companies at the forefront of engaging millennials reap the rewards of attracting and retaining the best talent

Duration: Key, 1/2 Day
Level: Foundation

Using NLP based principles and techniques to develop personal empowerment and leadership skills, this comprehensive training is offered in-house for corporate clients who have middle management, team leaders and customer facing executives that need to improve their inter-personal skills for more effective results. The techniques taught during this two day training provide participants with a framework for personal achievement and effective leadership.