Executive Negotiation Business Suite

The Expert Negotiator (TEN)

This two day training provides a comprehensive introduction to the principles of negotiation leveraging of well researched Harvard negotiation theory and supported by role play and case studies. The role plays are a critical component of the training, giving participants a common point of reference from which to build the theory and apply to relevant business situations. By introducing essential negotiation principles such as effective pre-negotiation preparation, how to develop negotiation power, when to make the first offer and how to create and claim value, participants develop the tools required to enter negotiations confidently and improve their chance of successful outcomes.

Duration: Key, ½, 1 & 2 Days
Level: Advanced

Managing Difficult Negotiations (MDN)

Based on leading Harvard based research this insightful course deals with the complexities of managing difficult negotiation scenarios including analysis of the structure of difficult negotiations, managing emotions while maintaining control and learning techniques to communicate tough ideas without raising defensiveness.

Duration: 1 Day & 2 Days
Level: Advanced.

Negotiating with the Enemy (NWE)

In Executive Negotiation Theory and Application we learnt how to prepare for and structure negotiation. However even the best structured negotiations will fail if heated emotions, moral conflict and irrational behaviour are present. The first section of this expert negotiation training tackles the difficult to map areas of emotional and mental biases in negotiation and offers approaches for dealing with them, testing the theories in various break out sessions and role plays.

In the second section of the training, we focus on negotiations with adversaries who are more than mere business contacts; we consider extremes in circumstances including violation or trust, betrayal, moral conflict and strongly opposing personal values. As we reference case studies for each the training extracts approaches for dealing with such situations which can then be referenced back to business

Duration: 1 Day
Level: Expert

Most negotiations are won or lost in the preparation - before the actual negotiation starts. Understanding the basic principles of negotiation, how to analyse both your own and your opponents position effectively, and having awareness of the common mistakes made by inexperienced negotiators is critical to improving your negotiation influence. This intensive one day training covers the key theories of negotiation and uses case studies and break out sessions to instill the learning in an effective and comprehensive manner. This course is only offered privately to corporate clients.


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