Customised Business Training

While Evolution-U offers "off the shelf" training courses, you may prefer the subject matter covered for your company to be tailored to your exact requirements.  This section details our flexible approach to offering you customized in-house training solutions.

An individual's market value and job security are directly correlated to the quality of his or her skills.  Likewise, a company’s ability to retain clients and compete effectively is directly related to the level of professionalism and excellence displayed by it’s staff.  In today’s globally competitive environment, effective communication skills are a must at both the individual and corporate level.

Over 25 million business presentations are given every day. What makes yours stand out?

It is well accepted that the one of the keys to business success is to get the best from your most important client which is your internal client: your staff.  Evolution-U offers customized training courses in effective and proven NLP based communication, sales and negotiation techniques that will allow your staff to excel and your company to stand out against the competition.

Every World Champion has a Coach..

A common misconception is that only weak businesses need help.  This mindset plays well into the hands of leading companies.  While their competitors wait until business falls before they ‘need’ to improve internally and expand their knowledge base, the leaders understand that to stay ahead of the field they must continue to develop across all areas of their business.  There is a reason why every world champion has a coach..

What is it that you need to improve..?

At Evolution-U our training is about delivering the results you need.  It’s about understanding where your company currently is and where you want it to go, and then developing a bespoke training that equips your staff with the skills they need to make this happen.  Training should always be taken in the context of a future achievable GOAL so that the effectiveness of the training can be assessed.  At Evolution-U we are looking for long term relationships based on successful outcomes and will discuss your "evidence procedure", or how you will know that the training has been successful, in detail prior to designing the training course.