Combined Courses Business Suite

Conflict Management Practises (CMP)

This one day training provides a comprehensive set of communication tools for managing conflict and increasing collaboration across internal and external stakeholders. In situations where interpersonal dealings are challenging, conflict resolution practises can be adopted to promote a ‘one-team’ mindset, where interests are recognised as aligned, and joint business success is seen as the goal. Such situations are common where departmental silos, differing priorities and personality clashes result in losses in efficiency and productivity to the cost of the organisation. The techniques introduced in this training are based on leading research from top academics and practitioners in the fields of communication theory. The delivery is business focused requiring participants to fully engage and apply the principles taught to real life situations.

Duration: 1 Day
Level: Advanced

Developing & Delivering Compelling Pitches (DDP)

This intensive one day training draws on leading research in the areas of linguistics, psychology and public speaking to bring together powerful content to teach the key skills required to present like a pro.

At some point in their career, most executives find themselves in a position of seniority requiring them to stand in front of clients or management and deliver presentations or pitches at a level commensurate with their title. Unfortunately it’s not that straight forward; without training in public speaking, a well structured presentation and an appropriate amount of confidence, even the most senior executive can struggle to do themselves justice. Fortunately, this can be fixed quickly by understanding and practicing the theory and techniques taught in this training.

Duration: 1 day
Level: Advanced

The Evolution-U Combined Courses Business Suite is a focused offer of engaging soft skills trainings, providing usable tools for better & measurable performance praised by our clients