Corporate and Open Courses

Since originating in the US in the 1970’s, Neuro Linguistic Programming has been applied in business with great effect. The applications of NLP in the corporate environment are not only for use by Business Owners or Management. Sales Executives, PR and Marketing Departments, Human Resources, Customer Relationship Managers and Personal Assistants and in fact any role that requires communication with other people either internally or externally will benefit from an understanding of NLP based communication, influencing, sales and negotiation techniques.

At Evolution-U our primary focus is to teach the Business applications of NLP. Our courses are designed to give our participants quick results allowing you to utilise the techniques taught within a matter of weeks if not days. NLP Business techniques taught by Evolution-U can be used for:

  • Sales Learn how to structure the sales process to increase your chances of success
  • Negotiation Finesse your negotiation skills with proven NLP techniques
  • Meetings Learn techniques to manage and control meeting situations
  • Presenting Become a dynamic, confident and compelling presenter
  • Mediation Utilise NLP based techniques to mediate between parties to achieve resolution
  • Interviewing Meta Programs allow understanding of an individuals behaviour patterns allowing optimal job assignment.

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