NLP Practitioner

Course Requirements & Format

Due to the unique demands of Hong Kong’s business life, we tailor our NLP Practitioners Trainings in a format that minimizes the time you need to be out of the office but still allows you to complete the course requirements. The American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming (ABNLP) requires a minimum of 120 hours of NLP training by a certified NLP trainer in order to be certified as an NLP Practitioner. This 120 hours consists of class room time during the course plus home study with the pre-course training materials you will receive upon registering.

Prior to attending the 7 day Fast Track Practitioner Training, you will be sent pre-course study materials which include a 20 hour MP3 set narrated by Master Trainer Dr Tad James, the creator of Time Line Therapy™, a manual, and two books of required reading to support your studies; The Magic of NLP Demystified and Time Line Therapy and the basis of Personality.

We recommend that you listen to all the CD’s at least once before attending the training, and if possible twice to three times. This is so that by the time you attend the training, you will be able to spend more time on practical application of the techniques rather than spending valuable training time learning theory which is on the CD’s. The more hands on time you have with the techniques during the training, the better equipped you will be to use them and benefit from them after you are certified. We encourage participants to do as much preparation as possible before the training starts!

Prior to attending the course you will also receive an open book written assessment which should be handed in on the first day of the course. Don’t worry if you cannot answer every question; this is simply to start your mind thinking like an NLP Practitioner. All questions will be reviewed during the course.

The 7 Day Fast Track NLP Practitioner Course is a 4 in 1 training which includes three other certifications in addition to the NLP Practitioner certification; Time Line Therapy Practitioner™, Hypnotherapy Practitioner, and NLP Coach Certification. This course is limited to 12 people, so that you get plenty of personal assistance from the trainer and learn in a supportive and fun environment. Please note that there is no specific section of the training dedicated to the teaching of NLP Coaching techniques. The NLP Coaching certification is an additional certification offered as a result of having completed NLP Practitioner and Time Line Therapy since many of the techniques taught in these trainings are relevant to coaching. We make many references to how these techniques can assist in coaching, but do not separately teach coaching due to time constraints.

All certificates issued by Evolution-U are fully approved and recognized by the respective bodies being; the ABNLP, The Time Line Therapy™ Association (TLTA), and the American Board of Hypnotherapy (ABH). This means that no matter where you go in the world, your certificate will be recognized by the appropriate associations.

In summary, the aim of the course is to teach you to apply NLP techniques and thought processes to everyday life. In a business context that includes meetings, presentations, negotiations and management. Many of the techniques taught can also be used effectively in both therapy and education. The program is taught in an informal, enjoyable and interactive way.