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Would it help to know the sort of assignment a colleague prefers? How important is it to identify management talent early on? What is a person’s response to stress? How about the million-dollar question; How long will someone stay at the company before they move on?

This webinar series draws on leading research in the areas of linguistics and psychology to bring together powerful content and teach the key skills required to profile people without the need for a formal test. With an increasing reliance on video conference and webex as a mode of communication, these tools add an additional dimension to interviewing and team management. The skills taught can be used effectively over virtual communications as well as face to face to understand the preferences and biases of candidates and colleagues, so that better business decisions can be made.

The Personality Profiling Toolkits™ Webinar Series is developed and delivered by Neil Orvay, the founder of Evolution-U and one of Asia’s leading coaches and corporate trainers. Personality Profiling Toolkits™ comprises of 3 x 90 minute Zoom webinars. It is advised to attend all 3 sessions for maximum benefit, and session # 1 is required in order to be able to apply the tools taught in subsequent sessions.

Developed and delivered by Neil Orvay [Founder of Evolution-U and one of Asia’s top coaches and corporate trainers]

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Personality Profiling Toolkits™ Webinar Series

Webinar # 1:

The Fundamentals of Reading People

[Wednesday 3rd June, 15:30-17:00 HK time]

Developing Communicative Acuity – become adept in observing for and interpreting 5 modalities that hide the real meaning in another person’s response.

Understanding Eye Patterns – learn the meaning of eye patterns and how to use them to increase confidence in the answers you receive.

Using Myers Briggs in face to face situations – recognise the 4 Myers Briggs patterns in others during conversation to generate a basic profile reading.

Webinar # 2:

Using Complex Meta Programmes Part 1

[Wednesday 10th June, 15:30-17:00 HK time]

Complex Meta Programmes Part 1 – learn to use 8 complex meta programmes which give advanced profiling insights. The complex meta programmes introduced are: Direction Filter, Reason Filter, Frame of Reference Filter, two Convincer Filters, Management Direction Filter, Action Filter and Chunk Size Filter.

Embedding Complex Meta Programmes into regular conversation – a discussion on how to generate natural conversational questioning that allows complex meta programmes to be used undetected.

Webinar # 3:

How to profile someone in 10 minutes

[Wednesday 17th June, 15:30-17:00 HK time]

Complex Meta Programmes Part 2 – earn to use a further six complex meta programmes which give rapid profiling insights. The complex meta programmes introduced are: Affiliation Filter, Work Preference Filter, Primary Interest Filter, Relationship Filter, Emotional Stress Response and Knowledge Sort.

Live Sessions: How to profile someone in 10 minutes or less – three participants will have the opportunity to practise the skills taught while all participants will be invited to give feedback.

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Neil Orvay is Asia's best soft skills and presentation skills coach. Hands down.

Engaging, passionate and intense; Neil will have your attention gripped from the 1st minute and you will go away feeling inspired after every session. I've seen Neil coach in person and on Webinar; it's hard to keep the audience's full attention on a Webinar but Neil will grip your attention with his storytelling, content and mental breaks to keep you engaged.

I personally attended the course Present Like a Pro: Not only will you learn about the psychology and science behind communication and persuasion but you'll experience it first hand and walk away being able to apply the same techniques that will change your life forever.

Marco Jorge 近藤丸公

Country Director at Wanted

I have participated in the webinar series “Webinar like a Pro” and this was amazingly structured, professional prepared and presented, very useful for future presentations and pitches and I can only recommend to participate in this type of webinars.

Your toolbox will be very well equipped, you have possibility to ask questions and comment during the seminar and the way Neil explains everything and bring it “down to each” is really good and refreshing.

Don’t miss out

Jan Lægaard Broni

Chairman of the Board at Danish Chamber of Commerce South China

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