Sales Effectiveness Business Suite

Sales Effectiveness Fundamentals (SEF)

This one day sales training introduces the NLP-based 5-step sales process, a well-defined sales structure and analyses the psychology of sales and how to deal with price  resistance. Role plays form an important part of the training encouraging participants to practise the techniques taught and giving a common point of reference from which to build the theory.

Duration: 1/2 Day or 1 Day
Level: Foundation

Accredited by Edinburgh Napier University

Advanced Sales Effectiveness (ASE)

Continuing from the SEF module, ASE introduces advanced linguistic tools, principles for understanding client needs, closing psychology and the “closing techniques weaponry”, Role play is used to practise the techniques & extract best practises.

Duration: 1 Day
Level: Advanced
Pre-requisites: SEF

Developing Compelling Sales Scripts (DCS):

This module introduces scripting and pitch writing techniques using skills including hypnotic writing and language, emotional hooks and triggers and structured scripting for gaining customer attention and traction.

Duration: 1 Day
Level: Expert

The psychology underlying sales and marketing is often overlooked by sales professionals who tend to focus the sales pitch for their product or service based on what they think is important to them rather than the client. This is fundamentally flawed. The client has their own concerns - they do not always give the priority or focus we would like when presenting our product or service.

Understanding how to connect with your client by using sales psychology and hypnotic techniques and meet the client where they are mentally, and thus increasing your influencing effectiveness and chance of the sale are essential skills practised and perfected by the top sales professionals. The application of the techniques taught in this training also have high levels of relevance in management, leadership and team building roles.

This course is conducted as an intensive one day in-house corporate training comprising instructor lead presentation with video and case study support, group exercises and role plays. By the end of the training participants will have the tools required to develop compelling sales scripts for their product or service and new insights on how to deliver their sales communication with an effective, results driven approach.

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“Words, either you control them, or those that control them control you..”
Richard Bandler, co-creator of NLP

Take your ability to control the sales process, negotiations and meetings to the next level by learning effective Sales Psychology and NLP based techniques for influencing the sale.

The benefits of developing influencing and sales skills can never be underestimated. Whether in business or in our personal lives, we deal with people every day and often don’t receive the response that we want. How often have you walked out of a meeting and thought ‘If only I’d said it differently”?

By mastering the techniques introduced in this course, you will develop an effective communication and sales structure. This will give you a conscious understanding of linguistic patterns backed by a solid structure to the sales process, in turn allowing you to control and influence business and personal situations to a level reserved for business leaders and top management.


Who should take this course?

Business Owners, Management, Sales, PR & Marketing Executives, Human Resource Executives, Any and All Customer facing staff, Anyone dealing with negotiations, meetings, mediation or conflict resolution whether externally or internally within the company will benefit from learning and mastering the techniques introduced in this course.


What is covered?

This course can be conducted in one day, two day or two evening formats. The course incorporates a powerful combination of Sales Psychology and  NLP business principles which together provide participants with a series of tools for effective, stress free selling. The key areas covered include developing rapport, advanced linguistic techniques for controlling conversations, the structure of the sales process, dealing with price resistance and closing the sale including the 'Closing Techniques Weaponry'. The training includes instructor demonstration, application analysis and role plays. This course is a must for anyone involved in sales, marketing or negotiation.


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