Leadership & Management Business Suite

Personal Empowerment (EMP)

One of the keys to inspirational leadership is the self confidence and conviction required to back decisions and persuade others that these decisions are in their best interests. This one day training introduces a series of techniques for dealing with often critical shortfalls in personal perception and confidence that impact leadership effectiveness.

Duration: 1/2 Day or 1 Day
Level: Foundation

Coaching Your Team (CYT)

Drawing on business coaching techniques and using fun, active team building exercises, this training assists management in building a team culture, developing a shared vision statement, and generating enthusiasm amongst colleagues.

Duration: 1 Day
Level: Advanced

Leadership Principles and Application (LPA)

This 1-day training based on best of breed research in the fields of leadership, motivation and emotional intelligence delivers tools for inspiration leadership and management  transformation. Participants will be challenged with group break-outs and role plays to apply the tools taught into business relevant situations.

Duration: 1 Day
Level: Expert

Using NLP based principles and techniques to develop personal empowerment and leadership skills, this comprehensive training is offered in-house for corporate clients who have middle management, team leaders and customer facing executives that need to improve their inter-personal skills for more effective results. The techniques taught during this two day training provide participants with a framework for personal achievement and effective leadership.