Language & Communication Business Suite

Interpersonal Communication Effectiveness (ICE)

Covers fundamental tools for developing awareness of communication patterns and improving one’s personal communication effectiveness. The content is based on Neuro  Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques and well established coaching and linguistic based tools which have been used effectively by business and political leaders for decades.

Duration: Key, ½, 1 & 2 days
Level: Foundation

Presenting like a Pro (PLP)

This intensive one day training draws on leading research in the areas of linguistics, psychology and public speaking to bring together powerful content to teach the key skills required to present like a pro.

Duration: 1 Day
Level: Advanced

High Stakes Communications (HSC)

This intensive one day training draws on world leading research in the areas of linguistics, coaching, leadership and psychology to bring together powerful content for managing critical communications where the stakes are high, there is a difference of opinions, and emotions have the potential to derail agreement.

Duration: Key, 1 Day
Level: Advanced

Collaborative Communication Techniques (CCT)

This two day training provides a comprehensive set of communication tools for increasing collaboration across internal stakeholders. In situations where interpersonal dealings are challenging, collaborative communication techniques can be adopted to promote a ‘one team’ mindset, where team interests are recognised as being aligned, and joint business success is seen as the goal.

Duration: Key, ½, 1 & 2 days
Level: Advanced

Most executives are not formally trained in Communication, however they manage to survive in a world which requires constant dialogue with colleagues, clients, management, contacts, family and friends. It is no surprise however to find that manylo top management and high achievers are trained in communication techniques.


All leaders are excellent communicators. The techniques they use can be learnt and applied by you.


This course introduces many of the secrets behind the structure of language and communication.


Would you find it useful to be able to present your ideas in a way that they were attractive to the listener? 

Would you like to be more persuasive and have more influence on the events around you?

Do you need to be able to get on with some people even if you dont particularly like them?

Do you ever have trouble communicating with people from different cultures?


If the answers to any of these questions are Yes, then you should invest two days of your time and change your ability to communicate and influence people forever.


For past attendee testimonials, please click here. For course details please review the attached PDF file below. This course is offered in an open format approximately once per quarter and in-house for private clients upon request. For further information on course dates and to register, please contact