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At some point in their career, most executives need deliver presentations or pitches to their teams, management or clients either in person, by webex or video conference. They are expected to come across as knowledgeable and controlled however many suffer anxiety and a loss in confidence despite being experts in their field. Without training in presentation skills and public speaking, even the most senior executive can struggle to do themselves justice. Fortunately, this can be fixed quickly by understanding and practicing the theory and techniques taught in this training.

This webinar series draws on leading research in the areas of linguistics, psychology and public speaking to bring together powerful content and teach the key skills required to Webinar Like a Pro™ . With an increasing reliance on video conference and webex as a mode of communication with regional and global offices, and English as a medium, an understanding of how to use the English language combined with presentation and pitching skills is a powerful toolkit that can be the difference in achieving your meeting objectives.

Webinar like a Pro™ is developed and delivered by Neil Orvay, the founder of Evolution-U and one of Asia’s leading coaches and corporate trainers. Webinar like a Pro™ comprises of 3 x 90 minute Zoom webinars and while the content of each webinar complements the others, each can be attended as a stand alone session.

Developed and delivered by Neil Orvay [Founder of Evolution-U and one of Asia’s top coaches and corporate trainers]

Over 5,000 executives trained in 5 continents

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Webinar like a Pro™ Webinar Series

Webinar # 1:

Developing & Delivering Compelling Scripts

[Tuesday 7th April, 13:00-14:30 HK time]

How to structure a presentation or pitch – learn the most effective way to structure your presentation to deliver your message with impact.

Creating Compelling Pitches: Developing the Opening – time tested techniques for drawing the audience in and making your opening dynamic!

The Six Keys to Controlled Presentations – learn six rules for making your public speaking technique professional and confident.

Webinar # 2:

Using Language to Influence your Audience

[Tuesday 14th April, 13:00-14:30 HK time]

Reading your Audience – understand the basics of body language and use them to your advantage both online and in person.

How to get Agreement – use one of the most powerful linguistic tools in any language.

Linguistic Framing – learn to use softening frames, agreement frames, reframing intent and other techniques to increase your control over dialogue.

Webinar # 3:

How to be an Inspirational Speaker

[Tuesday 21st April, 13:00-14:30 HK time]

The Psychology of Presenting – use the principles of psychology and biochemistry to your advantage when presenting and pitching.

The Art of Storytelling – the greatest leaders are storytellers. Learn how to go from good to inspirational by weaving storylines into your presentations.

Stories that Work – learn the 3 story types that work best, and the 3 components that make presentations irresistible.


You can sign up for all three webinars to enjoy the lowest webinar rate, or for any combination of webinars.

Pricing is as follows:

One Webinar HKD 390 (USD 50)
Any 2 Webinars HKD 625 (USD 40 per webinar)
All 3 Webinars HKD 780 (USD 33 per webinar)

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