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"Some years ago one of my colleague introduced me to NLP. I found the subject very interesting so I started to read about NLP as well as other communication related topics (Grinder and Bandler books, Milton H. Erickson work, Transactional analysis, Neuroscience, ... ). I then moved from France to Hong Kong and I searched for a chance to learn more about NLP here. I finally selected Evolution U and Neil's course, and I must say I am very happy with the results. I found Neil to be a great teacher with a high focus on having each and every student get the most benefit of the course and integrating all parts of the course in a very interesting way. I definitely do recommend Neil's training to everyone who is interested in his/her professional and personal development."

Pacôme Ravelli, Business Intelligence Expert NLP Practitioner Course

“Thank you Neil for shattering a bad habit of a life time! During my NLP practitioner course I managed to rid myself of a habit which has been with me for as long as I can remember.. biting my nails! I have tried to kick the habit since childhood and the fact through NLP I have been able to rid myself of it shows me that what Neil teaches really works and can be applied to anything in your life. I am certainly not the "class room type" and am not a fan of class room learning but Neil has structured his training in a way whereby you are not sitting there bored but interacting with everyone else and learning in real time putting everything into practice while learning.. Neil has great patience and is very clear and concise when teaching and also likes to have a laugh during the day! During my training I used some of the skills I had learned and put into practice in my business, I have to say it had a big impact very quickly on how I interact with business contacts and my staff and made me realize although I thought I really knew how to connect with people I was only scratching the surface. I think for the money I spent on the course I will make back multiple times due to what I learned.. definitely a sound investment in myself. 100% recommend this for anyone wanting to become a better version of them-self.”

Derek Kenny, Executive Director, Gulf Connexions NLP Practitioner Course

“As I was looking for an NLP course conducted in English in HK, a good friend of mine recommended Neil having completed his practitioner course with him a few years ago. Neil met me personally to explain the basics about the course and I felt comfortable to sign up. Within a few days of the course starting, Neil cleared up what I define as my "healthy skepticism" about how and why NLP is so beneficial. Having smart and articulate professionals of high calibre as fellow trainees was a wonderful experience also. We all had great laughs together during the exercises in pairs or threes and built trust along the way which allowed us to work on areas that may otherwise have been emotionally challenging. Neil delivered the course in a strict but fun way so that even the most abstract content became easy to grasp. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in either professional or personal development.”

Nikitta Chau, Entreprenuer NLP Practitioner Course

“My major concern at the beginning was, whether my English knowledge was sufficient for the training. According to my experience now, if you are using English in your daily business it should be no problem at all, since Neil’s mother language is English. In mainland China a lot of NLP trainings are offered in foreign language with simultaneous translation. I personally don’t think as efficient as direct communication. I’ve learned a lot amazing new knowledge and had huge fun during this week. I know how to reframe sentences and how to respond to groundless statements, like “you are too expensive!”. I learned to trust myself and trust my own unconscious mind. Nothing is impossible! At the end, I would like to quote my favorite metaphor I’ve learned: “How do you know how high the building gonna be before it’s built? Measure the foundation!” I want to sincerely thank Neil in this way for guiding me into a new life chapter!”

Xiaoxue Zheng, Management Consultant, ERL Konig, Beijing NLP Practitioner Course

“All the expectations I had from Neil’s training were fulfilled. In fact, I got so much more than just a set of communication and development tools: I got a chance to learn from his real business and personal experience, to forge friendships that I hope will last and to grow as professional and as a personality. I highly recommend Neil and his trainings to anyone who is up for a great learning adventure.”

Yulia Tyapina Training and development professional, Home Credit China NLP Practitioner Course

"I was so impressed with Neil's 1-day program of NLP Fundamentals, that I quickly subscribed for full 7-day NLP Practitioner program which was few weeks later. The 7-day NLP program turned into learning odyssey. Neil presents the NLP concepts and its application very clearly and objectively. His class room exercises facilitate building of strong relationship within the team that can continue to learn and practice NLP in future."

Ameesh Kumar, PMP NLP Practitioner Course

“The Certified NLP Practitioner Course enhanced my life, I recommend it. Wonderful, tremendously powerful, and delivered with mastery. Neil makes it interesting and takes you to a higher state of learning. Immediately applicable, and certainly is an investment in the most important asset; your mind.”

Ramon Rodriguez – Vice President, IDI Composites International Asia/Pacific NLP Practitioner Course

"One of the most interesting, involved and enjoyable course I have been on. If only I had Neil as my teacher during college, I would have retired by now! What I learned has and will continue to have positive impact on me. Neil was inspiring and committed throughout the course even when faced with dedicated skeptics - thoroughly fun learning experience."

Atul Khanna, CFO NLP Practitioner Course

"I studied the NLP Practitioner course, the Time Line Therapy course and a Hypnosis Practitioner course with Neil. Without doubt these courses will produce positive results. Above all else, Neil makes the course fun and his passion for the subjects rubs off on you! "

Nigel Sayer, Solicitor NLP Practitioner Course

"The NLP Practitioner course with Neil provided the very applicable and useful skills of NLP to all areas of life including career, personal and self skills. The way Neil conducted the course was the key contributor to the group adapting, remembering and benefiting from the techniques and learnings taught in this practice. A highly recommended workshop and invaluable results received for my future personal and career development."

Felicia Cheung, Senior Account Manager, Telstra International NLP Practitioner Course

Without overstating it, this NLP practitioner course has been a life changing experience. Amazing and meaningful theories clearly explained with plenty of practical exercises and role plays with extremely bright fellow students. You don't have to use this powerful toolkit all the time, but knowing those techniques, when and how to apply it, if you want it, changes everything, professionally and personally. Plus, it is a surprisingly efficient way to understand oneself better. Those 7 days undoubtedly taught me more than 5 years of university and MBA.

Raphael Sachs, TIA Limited, Executive VP NLP Practitioner Course

I have to say that I was quite sceptical about the NLP and after listening to various audio files, I almost cancelled my attendance. However, it all came together in the course and I credit that to Neil and the way he conducted the sessions. What I particularly enjoyed (and found most useful) were the parts about hypnotic language, the hierarchy of ideas, and the elicitation of strategies.

Oliver Hoffmann, Managing Director & Chief Executive, UniCredit Bank AG Hong Kong Branch NLP Practitioner Course

I took the 7 days class for the NLP Practioner certification. It was worth every dollar I invested. Neil is a motivated and passionate Coach. NLP will be very useful in business but also in my personal development. It is very intensive but I highly recommend it.

Stephanie Psarksi, Crown Relocations NLP Practitioner Course

Neil is an excellent trainer able to captivate his audience with his mastery of the subject and his ability to encourage active participation. His courses are a very pleasant experience.

AB Nasir, Nasirs NLP Practitioner Course

The course was more than my expectation, it gave me more sense of mind. Thanks to Neil's excellent work and patience the course is well designed with suitable time and intensity which helps students to grasp NLP efficiently. Neil is a wonderful teacher, he is very patient and knowledgeable and has a broad teaching area, such as business and persuasion. Especially, he has rich experience of business. This enables him to coach us more closely to our daily work and life.

Jacques Zhang, Shanghai NLP Practitioner Course

The 7-day course is an absolute eye opener which allowed me to gain some very useful skills for both my personal and professional development. Taking 7 days off the hectic work schedule may be challenging, but it is definitely worth the time. Neil managed to engage and inspire the class as he teaches and shares his experience. I would highly recommend taking the NLP Practitioner Certification Course with Neil.

Angel Law, Human Resources Manager NLP Practitioner Course

Neil’s courses in NLP and Time Line Therapy® had a profound impact on my professional and personal life. Neil’s expertise in the subject, his teaching style and the way in which he fostered communication among training participants helped me to understand the materials much faster and deeper than otherwise possible.

Marco G, Business Owner, China NLP Practitioner Course

I cannot think of another training I have attended which has given me as much learning, not only professionally but personally as well. I warmly recommend Neil and his NLP training and albeit the challenge nowadays to attend a 7 days training, it is well worth the time.

Gerard Belicha, CEO of Red Packet and Publisher of Equestrio China. NLP Practitioner Course

I found the Evolution-U NLP Certification course very informative and have gained some highly useful skills I am excited to use in work with current and future coaching clients.

Scarlett Mattoli, Child Psychologist NLP Practitioner Course

Neil is a highly qualified expert in his field who shares his passion during 7 days with an enjoyable positive energy! The quality of its training and the power of NLP techniques are exceptional. Thanks to a practical approach of the theory by regular probing exercises, each group member progressively could relate to the exercises in depth. Neil’s training program is rich, intense and captivating, surprising by far the most beautiful tool ever received to orchestrate my personal and professional life. Thank you Neil for this sumptuous gift!

Frederique Stref, Spa Consultant NLP Practitioner Course