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I flied all the way from US (Michigan, Detroit) to attend this lecture and it was the best 4 hours of education I have spent. Thank you so much. You were great and it was invaluable information.

Alina Medyanikova, Spa Director, Polished Outlook Inc. Executive Negotiation - Theory and Application

Being young to the industry can make role playing situations quite daunting however, Neil’s delivery really makes it easy to get involved and offer my input.

Simon Anderson, Kohler Watered Spa, St. Andrews Executive Negotiation - Theory and Application

Neil’s background, experience and academic training makes this intensive negotiation workshop a must for anyone wanting to improve their skills.

Linda Hill, Founder, Linda Hill Recruitment Executive Negotiation - Theory and Application

Easy to follow, well structure and extremely useful information on negotiation techniques. An everyday need.

Joao de Freitas, Spa Manager, Myriad By Sana Hotels, Lisbon Portugal Executive Negotiation - Theory and Application

Neil’s brings wealth of information to PSWC with techniques from Harvard Business School. Great introduction to strategic negotiation.

Jean-Guy de Gabriac, CEO, Tip Touch Executive Negotiation - Theory and Application

I’ve learnt useful tips that I’ll be able to use in order to improve my negotiation skills. Very real world based learning!

Leva Cesnoka, Spa Management Executive Negotiation - Theory and Application

Neil was effective in relating to my team despite their diversity and relatively high level of sales and negotiation experience (ie "been there done that" syndrome). Everyone got something "new" out of the training and Neil was able to present seemingly obvious/common sense concepts in a delightfully refreshing manner that made them sound revolutionary - he certainly walked the talk and SOLD his ideas very effectively. Bravo!

Tanfeng Cheng, Managing Director, BNP Paribas Investment Partners Executive Negotiation - Theory and Application

Having read a number of good books on negotiation myself before attending this course, I found this to be no substitute for working through the theory of negotiation in a systematic way and directly applying it in numerous role plays and case studies. Even experienced negotiators in the class found themselves making some text book mistakes, and only became aware of them when dissecting the practical exercises afterwards in the group. Neil does a great job in helping every one of his students significantly improve their negotiations skills, regardless of their level of experience. Therefore I highly recommend this course.

Philipp von dem Knesebeck, Managing Partner, K5 Advisors Ltd. Executive Negotiation - Theory and Application

A thoroughly enjoyable course. Neil covered a lot of ground during the day and was able to bring the foundations of negotiation to life with many meaningful and even entertaining examples.The interactive nature of the course means that you need to absorb, process and then apply the theory very quickly. This certainly keeps you on your toes and also means that you get the maximum out of the training. Despite a good knowledge of this area already, I learnt a lot.

Adam Woolliscroft, Managing Director, Shop Direct Group Sourcing Executive Negotiation - Theory and Application

These techniques applied properly will make the difference between those businesses who fail and those who make it in today’s China. I find a lot of value in the way Neil delivers the subject matter.

Ramon Rodriguez, General Manager, IDI Composites International Executive Negotiation - Theory and Application

Great course, Great delivery. Time just flew by!

Sarah Henderson, Wealth Management Group Executive Negotiation - Theory and Application

I had the pleasure of attending Neil’s workshop ‘Executive Negotiation, Theory and Application’ in Shanghai in 2016 and I have to say it was one of the best trainings I ever attended. Neil is an expert in this field always concise, clear in his explanations and the answers to the questions asked were always on point. The choice of topics and time spent on them was great, leaving time for case studies and even role play, which in negotiation trainings is a must. The cases were carefully constructed but with enough freedom to come to creative and viable solutions. What I liked the most was the fact that the theories and aspects learned were immediately usable in the case studies and role plays. A great course which I will definitely recommend to friends and colleagues.

Martin Zerfass, Senior Manager Organizational Development, Strategy Planning Executive Negotiation - Theory and Application

The course was not only highly informative but also extremely useful as it allowed the participants to take their natural skills and use them in a well thought out ‘Matrix’ that produced a better overall result for both parties. Neil is incredibly knowledgeable and an excellent speaker who uses good humour and puts ideas into a layperson’s terms, making them doable. Neil has changed the way I view negotiations and how to work towards an outcome that is best for both parties. The course for me was an empowering experience.

Julian Galvin, Founder & CEO, Palladian Financial Planning Ltd Executive Negotiation - Theory and Application

The "Executive Negotiation" training was an excellent one day seminar with the right balance of principled negotiation theory and practical application of those theories through role playing. The course concisely presented a proven negotiation framework that can be immediately and successfully applied to any negotiation; from haggling with a street vendor to a complex multi million dollar deal.

Tony S. in-house lawyer for major IT MNC Executive Negotiation - Theory and Application

"Neil’s delivery of the training is excellent and he reads his audience well. He turns himself to his audience. Good delivery of a good topic."

Linde Gas Asia Pte. Ltd Executive Negotiation - Theory and Application

A very worthwhile course which will help me immediately in communications both internally and externally…and personally!

Bryan Keye, Sales Executive, Macquarie Bank Executive Negotiation - Theory and Application

It is a very good training first time that I connect the actual practice in negotiation with theoretical stuff, which reinforce my understanding in practice. Very helpful.

Hongzhou Huang, New Business Team, Bosch China Executive Negotiation - Theory and Application

“It has been a great negotiation crush workshop which is indispensable to anyone, no matter the work field!”

Other quote Executive Negotiation - Theory and Application

It was an amazing recap of negotiation strategy and tactics for various scenarios with actual examples and exercises. This was very clear and concise and very well presented.

Harpeet Thethi, Financial Advisor Executive Negotiation - Theory and Application